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Your independent Lab for quantification of inorganic components

We specialise in analysing and processing precious metals

When buying and selling precious metal goods, we determine the market value through a qualified analysis of the centre of rotation and the fulcrum to ensure the transaction is successful.

That is why analysing the integral parts or the composition of the material is indispensable.

As an independent service provider, we offer reliable, fast and precise analysis of your samples for both buyers and sellers.

These samples can be supplied by you or by a corresponding refinery, either directly or with the assistance of a sampler.

Using a wide range of equipment for preparation, we are also able to representatively homogenise and analyse samples for our clients in kilograms.

The geographically central headquarters in Gelnhausen (Hessen) – at the heart of the Main-Kinzig-Kreis district – is well positioned for visits and sending samples.

By regularly keeping in contact and having exchanges with industry-leading companies in the area of reclaiming metals, we are able to offer our customers experienced and comprehensive advice for any problems.

Testing impurities in the purest metals, raw materials and products, etc.

Thanks to our know-how and constantly growing equipment portfolio we can offer our customers a wide range of analytical solutions.

This can be applied, for example, in controlling supplier certificates, for quality control in production, or in research and development.

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