Company Presentation

We, the company AnRec®, are a young start-up that has set itself the goal of giving every customer the chance to obtain a 100% independent certification of products containing precious metals. To achieve this goal, we would like to establish a comprehensive network in the recycling industry, which will form the basis of our analysis laboratory. The company was founded with the vision that trade with recycling products containing precious metals can be made transparent, safe and cost-effective for everyone, without entering into competition with existing companies. To apply this guiding principle, we are in contact not only with retailers but also with service providers and customers from the industry. This enables us to interlink their fields of competence and make them accessible to others. As the company AnRec® is the crossover point for these connections, we can use this advantage to obtain and process offers and pass them on anonymously. Our extensive contact base in the recycling industry enables us to make trading accessible and value-generating for smaller companies. Information regarding a sale or the processing of small and larger assets is passed on to the registered company. This ensures that all providers have the opportunity to present their products to a large market of prospective buyers on a free-of-charge and non-binding basis. The providers retain the option of whether to have their products certified or not. The certification consists, for example, of the sampling and analysis of their material. This type of product certification increases the level of security for interested buyers and, in turn, generates more favourable offers. The autonomy of AnRec® is guaranteed by the fact that we do not make a profit from the value of the products traded, but solely from the services requested by and provided to the customer. These services can be, for example, sampling conducted by a certified sampler or precious metal analysis in our own in-house laboratory. As we are always looking for further industry contacts in order to extend our network, we are delighted to welcome every single company that registers with us free of charge. When registering, you will be asked to complete a short survey, which we will then use to categorise your company in our network. This ensures that in the future you will only be offered the products that match your area of interest. The company itself is based near Frankfurt am Main and as such is central and easily accessible. AnRec® has its own laboratory for conducting precious metal analyses. Since the determination of the precious metal content in a product is essentially conducted using the correct analysis of the representative sample, this service requires a high level of precision and care. Many large companies appreciate how valuable correct analysis is and subsequently often only work in collaboration with their own laboratory or an external laboratory that is audited on a regular basis. For this reason, laboratory accreditation to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 is a decisive factor. Our laboratory accreditation is currently in development in collaboration with the German Accreditation Body (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle, or DAkkS). Typical standardised test procedures in precious metal analysis are, for example, the determination of silver and gold content using flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry according to fire assay with slagging or repoussage in the case of lead, zinc and copper sulphide concentrates. In addition to the application of standardised test procedures, we also offer our customers a range of in-house procedures. Our customers can also, after consultation with us, have their own analysis methods conducted on their test material.